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More's Works


Complete Works

Works (Alternate Eds.)


Instructions / Prayers





More's Life

More's Works

More's Family and Friends

Artwork Representing More

Bibliographic Essays

Essays and Talks

I. Documents About More

Biographical Accounts

Paris Newsletter Account of More's Trial, 1535

Erasmus' Letters about More

Life of Thomas More by William Roper (More's son-in-law), 1556 {Fordham University} — Student Version with Notes

The Life and Illustrious Martyrdom of Sir Thomas More by Thomas Stapleton, 1588

The Life of Sir Thomas More, Knight by Cresacre More, 1649 {Google Books}

The Life and Writings of Sir Thomas More by T. E. Bridgett, 1892 {Google Books}




Principal Line of Descendants through Thomas More's One Son, John

Thomas More's Nephews and Nieces: The Rastells, the Heywoods, and the Donnes



Historical Documents

Magna Carta, 1215 {The Constitution Society}

Praemunire Law, 1353

Coronation Oath, 1509

More's "Petition for Free Speech," 1523Modernized Version

More's Address to the Parliament of 1529, 8 Nov: Chapuys' Account

More's Address to the Parliament of 1529, 8 Nov: Hall's Account

Thomas More Excluded from Court Session, 15 June 1530

Thomas More Almost Dismissed, 20 September 1530

Thomas More's Report to Parliament, 2 April 1531

Thomas More on Blindness of Princes, 11 April 1531

Henry VIII Visits Parliament Three Times, 6 March 1532

Henry VIII Divides the House (First on Record), 26 March 1532

Archbishop Warham, final speech, 1532

Samuel Johnson's History of the English Language: Thomas More

Edward Hall's The Lives of the Kings: Henry VIII


II. Works by Thomas More

Complete Works

Workes of Sir Thomas More, 1557

Thomae Mori Opera Omnia Latina, 1689 Francofurti et Lipsiae



Works (Alternate Editions)

Life of John Picus (Giovanni Pico), c. 1510


The History of King Richard III, c. 1513-1518


The Four Last Things, 1522

Part 1 – The Remembrance of Death | Part 2 – Of Pride and Envy | Part 3 – Of Covertousness, Gluttony, and Sloth

The Dialogue Concerning Heresies, 1529

A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, 1534

The Four Last Things / The Supplication of Souls / Dialogue on Conscience, Modernized Version {Amazon}

The Sadness of Christ, 1535 (Mary Basset's 1557 Translation)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

The Sadness of Christ, Modern Translation {Amazon}



Instructions and Prayers

A Godly Instruction [on How to Treat Those Who Wrong Us], c. 1534Modernized Version

Prayers from the Treatise on the Passion, c. 1534

* See "A treatice upon the passion of Chryste" in Workes of Sir Thomas More above

Final Poem on Detachment ("A Godly Meditation")

A Devout Prayer [before Dying], July 1535

A Prayer to St. Thomas More

A Litany of St. Thomas More

A Novena to St. Thomas More




Coronation Ode of King Henry VIII, 1509, 500th Anniversary Edition

English Poems, c. 1496-1504, 1535

Latin Poems, 1500-1520

  • Coronation Ode and Latin Poem No. 19 with Ben Jonson's Annotations, Courtesy of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral and its Library (Facsimile JPEGs)
  • Title Page | Page 20v-21r | Page 21r

  • * See poems in Thomae Mori Opera Omnia Latina above



Correspondence, 1499-1535




Sir Thomas More Reader (Edited by Rudolph E. Habernicht)

I. Satire of Domestic Scenes

Part 1

1. The Wife who would Rule the Roost

2. The Carpenter’s Wife that would be Killed

3. The Rich Widow that would be a Martyr

4. The Carver that would be Crucified

5. The ‘Paciefier’ who would Meddle in a Family Quarrell

Part 2

6. The Riddle of the Wife of Culnam

7. A Bridegroom’s Ring

8. A Wife’s Comment on a Sermon

9. The Witch who prescribed Medicines

10. Evensong and Matins

11. A Husband tries to Teach his Wife the Nature of the Universe

Modernized Version of Selections 1-4, 9

II. Countryfolk Stories and Animal Fables

Part 1

12. The Tiller who Taught a Maid how to Bear Water in a Sieve

13. The Poor Man who Feared for his Life, and the Farmer who was given Good Advice

14. The Fools and the Rain

Part 2

15. The Old Sage of Sandwich Haven

16. Sandwich Haven, Revisited

17. A Stumbling Horse

18. Wilkin’s Wager with Simkin

19. Filthy Hogs and Fierce Dogs

20. The Man who would Kill All Bandogs

Part 3

21. Geese and Glosses

22. The Tale of the Lion, the Boar and the Fox

23. Aesop’s Ape and Crow: An Analogy

24. Jupiter and the Snail

25. The Old Hart that fled from a little Bitch

26. The Fond Tale of Mother Maud: The Confessions of an Ass and a Wolf

Modernized Version of Selections 14, 24-26

III. Historical Portraits and Vignettes


27. King Edward IV

28. King Richard III

29. Jane Shore

30. The Sultan of Syria

31. The Savage Turk

32. Of Those who must Act a Role

Modernized Version of Selections 30-31

IV. Historical Tales and Commentaries

Part 1

33. Livy’s Tale of the Capuan Senators

34. Heretics in the Time of Henry IV and Henry V

35. Duke Humphrey’s Tale

Part 2

36. The Duke of Buckingham’s Oration

Part 3

37. The Murder of Edward V and his Brother, The Duke of York

38. The Duke of Bourbon and the Sack of Rome

V. Clerical Satire and Apocrypha

Part 1

39. Sickness in Heretics

40. Lutherans: Wise as Wild Geese

41. Of Luther and his Leman

42. Friar Frappe and Kit Cate his Mate

43. Lutheran Preachers in England

44. Talkative Heretics

45. A Protestant Rhetorician

Part 2

46. Tyndale and Luther: Goodly Golden Eagles

47. William Tyndale, Translator

48. Tyndale, a Schoolmaster

49. Tyndale’s Sleeping Elect

Part 3

50. A Tale of Robin Hood and William Tyndale

51. David and his Sling

52. Hidden Faces

53. A Masker’s Blushing Face

54. Of Simon Fish and the Marriage of Priests

55. Of Priests who Marry

56. Friar Barnes, Doctor of Divinity

Part 4

57. Friar Barnes and the Hostess of the ‘Sign of the Bottle,’ at Buttolphe’s Wharf

Part 5

58. An Over-familiar Priest

59. The Friar and the Wife in a Red Hood

60. A Talkative Nun and a Quarrelsome Housewife

61. Pilgrimages to Holy Shrines

62. A Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Part 6

63. Special Cures at Saint Walery’s in Picardy and the Veneration of Saints

64. A Loud Preacher in Saxony

65. A Vainglorious Lutheran Bishop

Modernized Version of Selections 39, 45, 54, 60, 64-65

VI. Essays on Manners and Morality

Part 1

66. What makes a Man Black or White?

67. The Rich Man and the Beggars

68. The Rich and the Poor

69. Covetousness

70. Gluttony

71. Envy

Part 2

72. Sloth and Lechery

73. Lechery

74. Deception

75. Scrupulous Conscience

76. Pride

77. The Physician who Cures all but Himself

Part 3

78. Sickness and God (Our Chief Jailor)

79. God, Our Great Physician

80. Suicide

81. Merry Tales serve for Sauce, not Meat

Modernized Version of Selections 67-68, 73, 75-81

VII. Memorabilia: Personal Remembrances

Part 1

82. Sir Thomas More and the Pacifier

83. Erasmus, my Darling

84. Lincoln’s Inn

Part 2

85. George Constantine’s Escape from the Stocks

86. The Perjury of Richard Webbe

87. Segar, a Bookseller from Cambridge, and False Detractors

88. Certain Heretics and False Rumors

Part 3

89. A Child-servant is Whipped

90. The Bedlam Rogue

91. Mad Cliff

92. Davy, the Dutchman

Part 4

93. The Examination into Richard Hunne’s Death

94. Richard Hunne: Murder or Suicide?

95. Witnesses that do not Lie

Part 5

96. The Miracle of the Woman in Walbrook Ward

97. Evil Days in London

98. Sir Thomas More and the Oath of Obedience

99. The Court of ‘Pie-Sir-William-Pounder’ at Bartholomew Fair

Modernized Version of Selection 94

VIII. Meditations on Death

Part 1

100. Our Last Stage-play

101. Two Criminals Condemned to Death

102. The Dance of Death in Saint Paul’s

103. A Dead Man Looks Back

Part 2

104. An Old Man Speaks with Death

105. The Cruel Hangman, Death

106. Christ in His Passion

107. Three Farewells

Modernized version of selections 1-4, 7 above




III. Scholarship from Moreana and Other Journals

NOTE: All the selections below are from Moreana unless otherwise noted in parentheses. Reprinted with permission.


About More's Life



About More's Works


About More's Family and Friends



About Artwork Representing More



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