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1530 (52) (5-8-2018)

Early 1530: Cromwell enters royal service (G 130; Elton 83-84); letters from Wolsey to Cromwell (LP 4:6203-4)
-Opening of Parliament delayed several times; finally delayed till Jan 1531 (CSPS 4.1:396, [(LP 4.6356; CSPS 4.1:422, 425, 555; Hall 768-9; Lm 104-5)
-Cranmer suggests royal supremacy to Henry to get divorce (G 129)
-Royal agents visit English, French, Italian, & German universities and private scholars to get support for divorce (Sc 255)
Feb. 10: Wolsey gets general pardon and archbishopric of York (LP 4:6220; Gn 612)
Feb. 23: Thomas Hitton burned at Maidstone (G 164: CW 8: 1207n3)
March: Charles (Catherine's nephew) crowned emperor by Pope; Henry called to Rome by Pope to answer Catherine's appeal (LP 4:6256; Lm 105); pro-Henry opinions obtained from Oxford, with pressure (CSPS 4.1:270; Gn 620); Cromwell and Henry send Vaughan to get Tyndale [and Frith] to come to their side (Merr 100); French envoy reports that Henry will decide divorce question in England, without pope (LP 4:6307; Lm 105)
Mar 29?: Catherine and Wolsey ask Pope to request that Anne be sent from court to avoid international scandal (G 126)
April 11 (Easter Monday): Norfolk asks Chapuys if Spain will declare war if divorce question is decided in England, not Rome (CSPS 4.1:290, p.511; Lm 105; G 118)
June 12: Henry summons potential supporters (excluding More, & prelates favoring Catherine); threat of General Council; 83 eventually sign but only 4 bishops including Wolsey & Warham (CSPS 4.1:354; Sc 259,292; Lm 106; G 127)
June 22: authority given to TM and others to prorogue Parliament (LP 4.6469)
July 11: Praemunire charges against 14 leading churchmen (Gn 623)
Aug 2: Chapuys writes on the divorce, reasons for Praemunire charges, university opinions (CSPS 4.1:396)
Aug. 11-16: meeting of leading councilors (Gn 625)
Sept: Henry closely studies Edmond Foxe's and Thomas Cranmer's Collectanea satis copiosa, a theological defense of English king's imperial status and spiritual supremacy -- i.e., his theocratic power (F&G 157-161, Ack 307)
Sept 20: Henry tells papal nuncio of English rights (CSPS 4.1:433, p.723; 425; 429; Sc262; later: CSPS 4.1:460; 492, p.797; 522, p.832-3; G 143; Lm 107; Gn 622)
Sept 19: Henry uses Royal prerogative to forbid exercise of foreign authority in England (G 139)
Sept 20: Chapuys reports that "the Chancellor, I hear, has spoken so much in the Queen's favor that he has had a narrow escape of being dismissed" (CSPS 4.1:433, p.727; G 139).
Sept, Michaelmas: Praemunire charges against 15 leading clerics, but trial postponed, then cancelled (Sc 273-4; Lm 107-8)
Sept, late: Henry argues that his imperial power allows him to prevent appeals from his realm elsewhere (legislation completed in 1533) (Sc 267-8; CSPS 4.1:445; LP 4:6667); Pope Clement VII responds blaming English delay (Lm 107)
Oct:  Cromwell admitted to King's Council (G 136, Ack 309)
Oct 7: Henry questions Rome's jurisdiction (Sc 261, LP 4:6667)
Oct, 2nd week: Henry asks his clergy and lawyers about power of Parliament; he angrily prorogues Parliament after getting an answer unfavorable to his plans (CSPS 4.1:460, p.758; G 139 & 156; Sc 261, 292; Gn 625); Henry tells Papal Nuncio that the Pope "possessed no greater authority than that held by Moses" and that he is guilty of "usurpation and tyranny"(CSPS 4.1:460, p.759).
Oct 15: “Chancellor [More] is still in danger of being dismissed,” Chapuys reports (CSPS 4.1:460, p.762)
Oct, 3rd week: Council decides to threaten whole clergy with Praemunire (G 136; Sc 274; Lm 108; Merr 334; Sc2 27-28; LP 4.6699)
Nov 4: Wolsey is arrested, arguably to be tried for treason; dies Nov 29 (Lm 109)
Nov 5: King on negotiations with Rome (CSPS 4.1: 486-8)
Nov 18?: Henry gives some signs of restoring Wolsey to power (G 125); (CSPS 4.1:509, p.819; Lm 108-109); King on Wolsey: (LP 4.6720; CSPV 4:638)
Nov 24: St German's second dialogue is added to Doctor and Student, arguing that common law has precedence over canon law (G 2, 19; Ack 310)
_____: Tyndale's Practice of Prelates denounces Henry's divorce
Nov, late: John More dies; TM holds him in his arms and weeps  (M 13, Ack 303)
Nov: Wolsey plans to call northern Convocation; arrested for treason
Nov 29: Wolsey dies
Dec: King’s Council charges whole English clergy with Praemunire (Merr 93; Hall 774; Sc 275; Sc2 25; Consilia 725)