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2009 Thomas More Studies Conference

Socratic Seminar on Thomas More's Life of Pico and Earliest Works

Nov. 6-7, 2009



Schedule for the 2009 Conference

Life of John Picus: 500th Anniversary Edition

Life of Pico, Scepter edition


Articles from Moreana 179-180 (June 2010)

(These articles can be accessed through the archives available through Edinburgh University Press.)

Beier, Benjamin V. “The Subordination of Humanism: Young More’s ‘Profitable’ Work, The Life of John Picus.”

Foley, Michael P. “Paradoxes of Pain: The Strategic Appropriation by St. Thomas More of Pico della Mirandola’s Spiritual Works.”

Karlin, Louis W. "Translation as Conversion: Thomas More's Life of John Picus."

Koterski, Joseph W. “Circe’s Beasts and the Image of God: More’s Creative Appropriation of Pico’s Humanist Spirituality.”

Phélippeau, Marie-Claire. "'His saints that are in the land of Him': Pico and More's conceptions of the Afterlife."

Pawlowski, Mary. "Thomas More's Mis-translations of Lucian's Cynic, Menippus, and Tyrannicide."