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1. Lambeth

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1. Lambeth

2. Chelsea

3. Parliament and Westminster Abbey

4. Hampton Court

5. Windsor

6. Westminster Hall

7. Runnymede

8. Tyburn

9. Willesden


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Lambeth Palace, Side ViewLambeth Palace, Front View

At the age of twelve, More served here as page to Archbishop and Lord Chancellor Morton. At Lambeth palace, while waiting on tables and learning what a courier must know, Thomas witnessed the ways and dealings of the greatest leaders of England. It was probably here, at a feast in November 1503, that More delivered a comic poem that he wrote in honor of his father' s becoming a sergeant-at-law and his grandfather's becoming sheriff of London. Later, just prior to his imprisonment, More was interrogated in this palace by Bishop Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Cromwell, Sir Thomas Audley, and Abbot William Benson. Photographs by Nick Wignall.