1. Use the scroll bar to the right of the "Wordlist" to go quickly to the words you wish.


2. You can also search for a radical, word or phrase by using your browser's own search function (usu. CTRL+F in Windows-based browsers, CMD+F in OS X-based browsers). Your browser's search function should highlight every instance and should be able to move between each instance in the following order:


1. Wordlist (the left-hand column)

2. The Concordance (the top right-hand column)

3. The Text (the bottom right-hand column)


If you leave and return to the search function, it will typically remember where you left off. If, however, you wish to begin a search from a particular section (Wordlist, The Concordance or The Text), you should click within the white space at the beginning of that section and then initiate the search function.