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Thomas More Studies 1: Utopia (2006)

* These are the refereed proceedings from the 2005 Thomas More Studies Conference, held at the University of Dallas, November 4-6, 2005.  Intellectual Property Rights: Contributors retain in full the rights to their work.


There is also a PDF Version of the following table of contents..


Humanist More — Dr. George M. Logan

Questions and Discussion



No Lawyers in Utopia — Dr. Clarence H. Miller

On "a man for all seasons" — Dr. Clarence H. Miller



Symposium on Utopia

Book 1 of Utopia

Philosophic Designs — Dr. Jeffrey S. Lehman

Literary Designs — Dr. Stephen W. Smith

Questions and Discussion


Book 2 of Utopia

Political Designs — Dr. Richard Dougherty

Theological Designs — Dr. John Boyle

Questions and Discussion


Interpretation of Utopia as a Whole, Part 1

Dr. Jeffrey S. Lehman | Dr. Richard Dougherty | Dr. Stephen W. Smith | Dr. John Boyle

Questions and Discussion


Interpretation of Utopia as a Whole, Part 2

Drs. Nathan Schlueter, Michael Foley, Samuel Bostaph, Jason Boffetti, Gabriel Bartlett, and Russell Osgood, Esq.


Utopia, a Round Table Discussion

Drs. Clarence H. Miller, George M. Logan, Elizabeth McCutcheon, et al.



The Development of Thomas More Studies

Dr. Clarence H. Miller | Dr. Elizabeth McCutcheon | Dr. George M. Logan



Interrogating Thomas More: The Conundrums of Conscience — Steven D. Smith, Esq.

Response — Dr. Joseph Koterski, S.J.

Reply — Steven D. Smith, Esq.

Questions and Discussion



Seminar Papers

Sir Thomas More's Noble Lie — Dr. Nathan Schlueter

Law in Sir Thomas More's Utopia as Compared to His Lord Chancellorship — Russell K. Osgood, Esq.

Variations on a Utopian Diversion: Student Game Projects in the University Classroom — Dr. Michael Foley

Utopia from an Economist's Perspective — Dr. Samuel Bostaph